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Unravelled – I am London born, with Indian parents that were raised in Kenya and I’ve worked in the fashion industry for 15 years starting with retail and working my way into more creative roles. Now a Private Clients Manager for a luxury brand working on wardrobe styling as well as fashion illustration outside of this. I’ve lived in London all my life and also lived in India for several months as well as Dubai for one year. Now back in London – Home is where the heart is!

What gets me through the week – Any one working in Fashion knows that any second you can get out of your heels is a moment in heaven. For me it’s my new balance. 410s..I feel like I’m walking on air when I’m in them! I need to work out a few times a week to feel sane – it’s mainly sit ups and a run that does the job, as long as I’ve done this, I feel pretty good. If I don’t have a cup of tea in the morning I get a head ache…and numerous coffee runs also get me through the day (I have to admit it’s not always me actually doing the coffee runs, but I try). Other than that, it’s good music, good company, and a good red wine!

My soundtrack – When I was young my Dad was always out entertaining clients, and if he wasn’t out, he would enjoy an evening in with family, good spicy food, a whiskey and he would play his vinyls at max volume. I’m talking Santana, acoustic Eric Clapton (you have to love Layla), Sade, the list goes on. My Mum on the other hand…well, lets say her choice was Whitney Houston’s ‘I’m every woman’ during the day whilst dad was at work! So my taste in music really varies – I love everything from Sade and Chris Isaac to Swedish House Mafia, Lana Del Rey and Lykke Li. Current fixation: The Weeknd – Trilogy, Kiss Land and Beauty behind the madness. I  have all three albums on repeat.

Reading Matter – John Grisham’s The Client has always been one of my favourite reads. I love the suspense in his books. I don’t get to read as much as I used to, but I’m looking forward to have the time to do that on the beach! I also go back to the Secret every now and then.

Distractions – I studied Art, and it’s when I’m focused on sketching or painting that I’m probably at my calmest. I tend to do more fashion illustrations now and have also started creating little fashion cards that can be used over birthdays and christmas! I also have a strong interest in Interior Design so when and where I can, I create mood boards.

My fashion moment – When I dressed Rosie Huntington Whiteley for Julia Clancy’s Diamonds & Pearls show at LFW. I remember stylist Alexia Somerville did the final checks and then grabbed my arm as Rosie walked out. ‘She’s going to be huge that girl…just watch’ Alexia said. A year later she was signed as the face of Burberry and then went onto Transformers. I don’t know why I feel like it was a moment for me, but it’s definitely something I’ll never forget. Also when I styled Jasmine Guinness for an awards show, the following month she appeared in the November issue of Vogue UK as best dressed. Definitely a happy moment.

I have dinner at – Well in London it depends on my mood and the cuisine. One of the best indian/french restaurants in my opinion is Les Porte des Indes. This place makes me happy. I love miso black cod..best I’ve ever had is at Nozomi, and who doesn’t love a 4am stop off at Maroush just across the road. My older sister introduced me to Maroush when I was 17, we had so much fun stopping there after a night out! I also love black truffle on my pizza…best I’ve had is in Made in Italy but I also love Pizza Pilgrims – who doesn’t!? Coya in Dubai is a great place with good atmosphere and food…and I love Siddhartha Lounge for evening drinks and Sheesha, part of Grosvenor House Hotel in the Marina!

I have drinks atSketch. It has been my local for like 10 years or so and I have so many memories there! I also love the ECC, a little hidden gem in Soho and in the summer I love Mount St – Fino’s wine bar is a place my dad has been going for years as well as the  Audley pub on South Audley St. Mount St is definitely one of my favourite areas in London, and Westbourne Grove in the summer is also special.

On my wish list – I love discovering new brands but also love the usual – Dior, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and I’m currently loving Mach&Mach and Pangaia.

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