2020 // COVID-19 // Quarantine Diary.

Well it has certainly been one hell of a year so far no? I never thought I would be one to say that I have lived through a pandemic and had to spend several months apart from my loved ones – and it hasn’t been easy for the most part. We will be forever thankful and grateful to our incredible frontline workers – all of the NHS workers that are risking their lives day in and day out, staff working in supermarkets to ensure we can still shop for our groceries and food supplies, bus drivers, security guards…the list really does go on. It has been an incredible feeling to hear and see the nation come together and clap for our carers. So before I start, I want to say Thank you.

I haven’t posted in so long that I didn’t want to start with a post about fashion, or a campaign image, or just inspiration. So I thought I would just start with what I have been up to during quarantine…

So I have definitely had some real low moments but this has taught me a lot, and as I’m growing older I’m very much aware of what is good for me and what isn’t – This time away from the rest of the world has helped me to get rid of what no longer serves me. That goes for anything tangible – things I have been holding on to whether clothes, make up, random stuff, to behaviours and thoughts – as well as people (sorry).

It has been good to get back to myself and I’m feeling more in tune with myself than ever. This is because I had let a lot of my interests and passions fall by the wayside whilst working full-time. Along with this comes the blurred lines in my career and job role. I love my job because it involves everything from fashion, interiors, styling, art, homewares, beauty… basically lifestyle management. Many of the subjects my job involves, were already my interests and passions, so when I come home from a long day at work, I wouldn’t be so interested in enjoying these things like I used to because my focus has already been there during my (very long) working hours. I have been lucky enough to still be working from home and I am extremely grateful for this (although at times I felt like I was trying to work on projects with my eyes closed) but the time at home in quarantine has helped me to find the passion in the subjects I once really enjoyed. I have spent my time painting and working on my fashion illustrations – I find painting in watercolour super therapeutic and for some reason (I cannot explain why) enjoy this activity most on Sundays. I’m also 100% that person who is baking the 9 millionth Banana bread that you see on instagram as well as sharing my home cooking on social platforms. What I love about this is that I actually didn’t really enjoy cooking unless I was really in the mood for it – I need atmosphere, space and a glass of wine to put it short. I think not having to travel back from work has helped so I’m more inclined to experiment and want to cook! I’m using the time to learn different recipes and because I cannot see my family as they live in Dubai, I’m learning to make a lot of the food my parents would cook for us – However, I have far to go with this as my cooking is no where near as good as my Mum or my Dad’s!

Before wanting to be in the fashion industry, I had actually wanted to be an Architect from a young age and then an Interior Designer until I was about 18. I’ve grown up with a huge interest in this as my Dad is in construction and would always ask if I wanted to go to flooring and tile shops or help pick paint at the weekend (name another weirdo that likes spending their Saturday doing this because I am yet to meet one). He would also get me involved when redecorating the house and choosing colour palettes which I loved doing so I started researching different interior designers and it went from there really. I still love to share concepts, interior styling tricks and often think about what I would do if I owned a house. I believe you can find inspiration from anything – anywhere  – anyone. And you can pull inspiration together to really stimulate the senses and create an amazing story in any space. This goes for anything creative really – So I am back in to it and have created mood/vision boards whilst starting a course with one of my favourite interior designers. This is probably my most favourite thing that I have done during this time to myself, as it has reignited that passion and excitement for interior design that I had. It has also opened my eyes to another aspect of interiors that I love – creating your own furnishings. This has come from an interest in homewares at work but since following more and more interior designers, I really love that many of them create soft bespoke furnishings for clients and we see so much of this cross over into award winning restaurants, bars and hotels. I’m definitely far more into sculptural pieces than I have ever been before and love how small personal details can bring life to a space.

Further to this, for many of you that know me or have followed my instagram, you’ll know that I have written about mental health before. I have spent A LOT of time working on mindfulness and meditation and I am so grateful to those friends I have that have shared what works for them as it really has helped me during this time and I have been able to (with trial and error) learn what works for me. I know that for me daily affirmations work well and when meditating I need to be on my own. Some find it easier to pop their headphones in, listen to someone speak whilst being guided, whilst others are able to just meditate on their own with no guidance. I have become a huge fan of Jay Shetty thanks to a friend and work colleague recommending his sessions!

Something else I have enjoyed just because it has taken my mind off of what is going on in the world is Tiktok. I have had some real laughs learning dances, trying stupid shit and honestly just not taking myself too seriously. I have also made some tiktoks and watched back a week later like LOL that needs to be taken off all social media platforms and never seen again haha. It has reminded me of how much I love to dance – but it has also bought to my attention that I am clearly no longer a fast learner when it comes to some things ha! If you want to view some of my better tiktoks of my illustrations you can find me at @anitaubhi !

I have decorated parts of the apartment and my bedroom that I can, I have gotten round to putting pictures up on the walls and just, well, enjoy the space around me. Even if it is the smallest touch. And I have finally gotten back into reading! I was such a book worm when I was younger (most of us in our family were too be fair) but I didn’t keep to it and again, it ended up being books about fashion or magazines so I’m reading books again and making time for it in my day. Giving yourself time in your day to do something you enjoy – even if it is just reading, just for 20 minutes, can be so impactful and make you feel better if you are feeling down or low.

Aside from that, I have really missed my family and friends, but I am well aware that most are in this position and it is really important to check in on one another as it really can brighten someones day and lift their spirits.

So how have you been keeping yourself busy throughout this time – How are you doing? Like really doing?? And more importantly, have you checked in on someone you care about today?

Keep safe, stay home and help save lives xx


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