“Sun In a London Night” // Dolce & Gabbana at Harrods // The Secret Show.


What a crazy few months year it has been! From relocating (again), travelling to Milan for the Dolce & Gabbana show, to meeting Mr Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Christian Louboutin (I’ll post soon) himself – and most recently – Wait for it… An invite to Stefano Gabbana’s private residence in London for an intimate dinner and secret show held at Harrods on the opening of the Dolce & Gabbana festive take over for Christmas!!

I mean… It has been manic, and I have enjoyed every second of it! As most that follow fashion will be aware, when Dolce & Gabbana put on a show…they light it UP. Dolce shows are like a never-ending conveyor belt of colourful tall models – What seems like hundreds of them. In the more recent shows the brand have switched it up by having the Millennials of the World walk the shows and front their vibrant campaigns – And they’re WINNING.


There were designer doubles also walking about and I almost got a hug from Dominico but had to pull back in fear of my make up rubbing on his face… any one that wears make up will get this. #beautyproblems.

The dynamic duo have taken over the World’s most luxurious department store – Harrods, and the opening of the takeover was quite the spectacle! The designers switched on the very festive Italian Christmas tree lights, whilst a marching band (flown in from Italy no-less) made their way around Hans Crescent in Knightsbridge whilst crowds were handed steaming-hot Spaghetti to enjoy the show and keep warm in the London cold! Both Stefano & Dominico then headed up to the fourth floor of Harrods where they met with guests at a Private Pre-show party held in the ‘Dolce & Gabbana Italian Market’.





Now when I say ‘take over of Harrods’, I mean actual take over. An actual festive Italian market is now on the fourth floor in all its pomp and fresco. The windows of Harrods have also been taken over by the world of Dolce and you can just feel the Italian festivity throughout the entire store. The fourth floor is emblazoned with vibrancy and fun with Dolce pieces arranged as though at a candy shop – handbags, jewellery, eyewear right through to the brand’s collaboration with Smeg (note: I am in love with the refrigerators) and there is even the Dolce pasta to purchase as part of the brand’s partnership with Pasta di Martino!






No I don’t think you understand how much I need this in my kitchen though?!

Dolce & Gabbana sneakers and t-shirts are available to purchase and can be personalised whilst you wait – with Italian artisans ready to paint designs on to your chosen Sicily bag or embellished badges sown on to your t-shirt/sneakers. It’s pretty incredible I have to admit – Once you have worked your way through what initially feels like total chaos, you realise you have turned into the child you once were and are frantically picking up things in excitement and taking photos of every glistening corner.



After the ‘pre-show party’ guests headed down to the (wait for it) Harrods Food Halls, – specifically the Fish & Meat Market and Tea & Confectionary Halls to sit and witness an embellished extravaganza of #DGMillennials walk the runway. Yes… In the Food Halls. Possibly the most brilliant thing a designer has done to date keeping the brand alive and adding so much fun to the evening! The show was conveniently titled “Sun In a London Night” – perfect given all the colour and vibrancy Dolce bought with them.







As with any show, the brand know how to get their guests ready with a playlist that had everyone bopping and in the mood – The show began and millennial after millennial swathed Harrod’s runways passing by the exotic seafood, and indulgent chocolates that  only Harrod’s has to offer, in some of the most stunning Dolce dresses and separates I have seen to date. Did I mention that most of these are exclusives just to Harrods?! Clever I know.











Pixie Lott and fiance Oliver Cheshire walked hand in hand followed by Lady Kitty Spencer, Rafferty Law, Amber Le Bon, Livv Banks, Isabel Getty, Phoebe-élena Merryweather and Luke Edward Hall (these really are just a few of the faces that night) and it was the most fabulous affair. Guests included the VIPs of the fashion world – from social influencers Lydia E Millen, and fiance Ali Gordon to Middle Eastern Royalty and Far-Eastern Princesses.









One major thing I forgot to mention – about a week before I was invited with my team to an intimate dinner at Stefano Gabbana’s private residence in London (no I am not sharing where!) and of course Mr Gabbana had a personal chef flown in from Naples to serve us with the most incredible Italian dinner – the Main dish being Spaghetti Pasta di Martino no less! After being gifted with my own pasta and a Red Rose pulled from a bouquet in his lobby, I left feeling on quite the high as you can imagine. At this point I didn’t think it could get any better – It was only a few days before the show that my team were asked to assist in styling and dressing at the show by the Dolce team and I could not be more proud!


Quick snap on the Dolce//Harrods catwalk before the show started!

What a feeling – To then be followed by a Private After Party at Restaurant Ours in Knightsbridge with idols such as Mert Alas in attendance. Not to mention a private performance by Pixie Lott and 5am. It was a night I will never forget and Dolce & Gabbana certainly know how to throw a party!


Note: This Pasta is delicious… and I got locked in the bathroom at the dinner sooo yeh…


If you haven’t already visited the Italian Market on the fourth floor then I would do so soon – It’s possibly the most brilliant collaboration between two leading giants in the fashion and retail industry and you won’t leave without a bit of your own Dolce I can assure you of it!

I have so much more plus videos featuring some exclusive footage such as Pixie Lott walking the show on my IG account so you can keep up to date on my account @anitaubhi.

With Love… Me x

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