White Denim // It’s staying for Summer // SS’17.


When fashion’s forerunner Christian Dior takes White jeans to the runway, you had better believe that White denim is here to stay for Summer. Denim has been an undeniable trend over the last two seasons-you only have to take to instagram to scroll through your feed of model icons such as the Hadid sisters and Kendall Jenner sporting ripped denim, street-style snaps of fashion’s favourites shrobing oversized denim jackets whilst they wait outside shows, and the occasional pap-snap of Rihanna or Olivia Palermo wearing their whites (now we know what’s taking up my feed).


When it comes to denim-thats all colours and styles be it jeans, jackets or skirts (I’m ruling out dungarees as that does get a little tricky for some), it shouldn’t be over complicated. That classic ‘blue jeans white-tee’ is still one of my favourite looks and one of the most effortless looks on any male or female. Personally, the more worn the denim, the better – and I’m a big believer in spending a little more time in finding the right pair of jeans that will last you a whole lot longer.



Fashion’s new denim is anything but skinny, as dozens of designers have experimented with proportions for entirely new incarnations. Theres the new mom jean-these are amazing on all body shapes and work brilliantly with sneakers or heels…the oversized Denim Jacket that is longer in length with softer raglan shoulders bringing a super casual spin, or the crop flared jeans emblazoned with ruffles and tiers at the ankles and that are just a whole lot of fun!

Theres so many styles out there to have fun with and fashion/trends seemed to have adopted a ‘lets throw together something sensible with something frivolous’ vibe so theres no need to shy away either! I know so many people who shy away from White jeans under the impression that they make you look too ‘Summer in the Hamptons’ -especially when you live in the UK which showers us with a whole two weeks of Summer before it’s Grey again. The trick is to contrast with anything that brings a slightly tougher edge. If thats your black boots or a ripped t-shirt in a dark moody Grey-or your leather jacket, then that works just fine. And in the Summer if you still feel its just too much just pair with a pair of slides in black. Simple.

I’ll be wearing my White denim in all its glory this SS’17: Oversized and deconstructed up top, and mom-jean below complete with high-rise waist and backless loafer a la Gucci Princetown slipper. Oh and my white skinny jeans? I’ll wear them too, but I’ll play with proportions and pair them with oversized t-shirts, sweatshirts…and anything thats too big for me!

Matchesfashion.com have an extraordinary range of Denim where you can shop your heart out-Take a look at some of my favourites below…


Left to Right:
Ivory High-Rise Slim Leg Jeans // Khaite // £218.00.
High-Rise Slim Leg Jeans // Muveil // £190.00.
Wide Leg Cropped Jeans // M.i.h // £245.00.
Wide Leg Jeans // Raey // £145.00.
High-Rise Straight Leg Cropped Jeans // Vince // £290.00.

With Love… Me x

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