Owning a Blazer // [And wearing It].



I was reorganising my wardrobe recently and stumbled across a White blazer that I had purchased (wait for it) seven years ago. This is not your standard single-breasted ‘work’ blazer, nor is it a smart double-breasted blazer. It’s a White Silk Blazer from the 1971 label from Reiss, and it’s the one item in my wardrobe that seems to have some sort of power over me.

Every time I reorganise my wardrobe and get to the blazers…this is that one piece which I seem to just find myself staring blankly at, not really knowing how to wear it. Or what to pair it with. It gets me in the same daze every time…and it’s like it just stares back at me with a smirk as if its too good for me.

When I originally bought the blazer, I had paired it with waxed leather look skinny jeans and a pointed high-heel black pump. I was going for the kind of effortless rock & roll look that the french do so well. A Kate Moss meets Emmanuelle Alt look. The details on the blazer complemented the idea too – an asymmetric zip fastening, sharp shoulders and silk/satin tuxedo-esque lapels. It worked a treat.

Now I’d still wear this look-given some tweaks. And FYI just because everyone is caught up on relaxed jeans doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a skinny jean! But I found I wore this a few times, and never really wore it again. I didn’t really know how to, if I were to be honest. It kind of fell into a one hit wonder in my closet and every now and then I’d think of how I can wear it-and do the above…find myself staring with a blank look on my face.

We all have one or two pieces like it. The one that you bought and never wore because you didn’t have the right additions. Or it was just too much hard work trying to work your wardrobe around it.

If you put too much thought into a look, it can go horribly wrong. Style is meant to be a reflection of you, your mood – and it’s not meant to be hard work. Stylists don’t always get it right, sometimes we throw things together and hope for the best. At times you work on it until it’s fixed and other times…you can create a masterpiece without even trying. I tend to purchase things whether anyone likes them or not. For me, what I wear is to please me – and no one else. Sure I love getting stared at by other women. It’s one thing to get a look from a man. But nothing compares to when you have another woman checking out your style.




So I pulled this blazer out and owned it. I paired it with every damn thing in my wardrobe, until I found (several) options. I don’t know why I had put it off for so long. Of course there’s always the option of ‘shrobing’…but I can do that with any of my jackets and although I love it, it’s an easy option if you don’t know how to wear a jacket or blazer and own the look.

I’ve shared my favourite look with you to remind myself that the blazer or tailored jacket doesn’t always have to be worn as a ‘suit’ and needn’t be tagged as classic work wear. You can re-energise a blazer with a belt if necessary and pair with oversized flared trousers in a contrasting colour and hey-ho you’ve got yourself a chic evening look that replaces the safe option of wearing a dress to every evening event.

It’s also a great look for work to night. There’s no ‘matchy-matchy’ colour palette in my look and I could easily wear a vest/shirt beneath the blazer, undone for a smart work-day look and add the belt as an addition for evening removing the blouse.



If you really do want to incorporate seasonal trends because it’s your thing, then maybe add a ruffled shirt below with ruffle cuffs peeking out of the cuffs of your blazer. Or take cues from Celine’s resort-2017 collection and go for an androgynous relaxed feel – minimal accessories and hair pulled back in a low pony/bun.



Celine Resort 2017

I’ve paired my blazer with lightweight oversized Khaki trousers from Zara that also give the illusion of a long-line skirt and belted the blazer with a Gold belt from Burberry – from a few seasons back. And guess what…I didn’t have to buy anything new to add to the look. Bonus…


White Silk Blazer // 1971 Reiss

Flared Silk Khaki Trousers with thigh-high slits // Zara

Gold Metal Waist Belt // Burberry

Gunmetal Python High-Heel Pointed Pumps // Christian Louboutin

With Love… Me x

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