Zuma Zacapa // Live Soleras // Bespoke Cocktails.


Well if there was ever a partnership ! One of my favourite restaurants to eat out at, Zuma, and one of the finest tasting Rum’s, Ron Zacapa, have partnered to create the world’s first evolving cocktail system…!

When I first heard of this partnership, I was intrigued by how something with so much history and heritage, has been designed to age rum for a mere six weeks-and still produce fine tasting rum infused with flavours that have been meticulously picked for each chosen city.

I mean, given that this comes from a Spanish tradition developed over 500 years ago to age Sherry…this has to be good right?!


Zacapa is a town in eastern Guatemala and holds a history of rum back from 1876 attracting travellers in through it’s bustling railroad stop. The town is famed for it’s ‘Sistema Solera’ slow-aging process, in which the rum ages in a series of hand-selected pre-used American Oak barrels. The beauty of the Zuma Zacapa live Soleras is that it replicates Zacapa’s famed process, gradually filtering the rum from barrel to barrel in a bespoke installation, whilst maturing and infusing the rum with specific flavours that have been chosen to season the casks.


Having (my favourite) contemporary japanese cuisine, Zuma have cleverly chosen a bespoke cocktail for each installation, featured in nine of it’s international restaurants around the world, to perfectly complement and appeal to the local palette and clients.

The flavours used to season the casks, have been inspired by the restaurant’s locations and are authentic to the city-Hong Kong boasts sesame oil whilst London is Rhubarb which I’m excited to try when I visit soon!


You know whats exciting about this whole thing? You can interact with the bar tender and become part of the process – enjoying the service a whole lot more! Honestly I think I value this a whole lot just because out here in Dubai everything is a whole lot later and there’s a lot less of the after works drinks where you can just finish work and head to a bar for a drink where you just talk!! Don’t get me wrong, I love it here, but night life is more about dinner, events, and late night spontaneity than all heading to a bar for after work drinks!



Dubai’s barrels are flavoured with Rose water, Kaffir Lime and Saffron – an exquisite combination perfect for the Middle East. I’d definitely say it’s worth trying and will only add to the already fantastic cuisine at Zuma. I also have to add that as small as this detail is, I love the detailed print on the ice-cubes! Check out Zuma Dubai’s Facebook page for more info.

With Love… Me x

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