Sketch // An Artist Conceived Favourite.

As more and more eye catching bars, and their attendant nightlife pop up across central London, Sketch remains a perennial stand-out for me. It remains an enduringly inviting place to clink cocktail glasses, and create new memories from.

I’ve mentioned this place many times in many of my previous blog posts, mainly because I have so very many amazing memories-and they start back in 2006 when a manager booked our Christmas dinner and was desperate to get a table as it had just opened and it was near impossible at the time to get a booking. It was one of the best work dinners I have ever attended, a small team of 7 creatives, the most striking interiors, and superb food. The designer had even popped by from New York to surprise us too!

It was only natural that I would find myself back in to what had turned into my ‘local’ when visiting home.



Sketch is more of an artist conceived restaurant, that celebrated artist David Shingley has transformed upon the backdrop designed and created by India Mahdavi. Every time I visit this place, I feel at home. Funny, given that it’s got an unusual eclecticism about it and every room is different to the next. I wanted to share it with my followers in the Middle East because theres been so many people that I’ve met here that haven’t heard of it and visit London quite often.


Not only does it have an amazing atmosphere in the evening, but it’s a great place for afternoon tea and the Parlour is a great place to sit by the window and enjoy the passers by. The ceramic tableware features Shringley’s monochromatic mordant drawings and texts which are fun against the stunning blush pink interiors of the Gallery. It’s also one of my favourite places to eat and each room has a different menu to appreciate.





Above the East Bar, are London’s most instagrammed ladies & men’s toilets-worthy of their own IG page given that each toilet is a fun quirky egg cubicle dotted around a nest placed playfully above the bar below.

I don’t think I could quite count the amount of bathroom selfies on my IG page tagged in Sketch. It’s one of the most avant-garde, witty bar/restaurants around in Mayfair and is all within four walls of a converted 18th century building just off of London’s luxury quarter.


I definitely urge you to visit when in London…it’s not a new place in Mayfair, but it’s still worth talking about and will always be my favourite place!

Sketch, 9 Conduit St, London, W1S 2XG.

With Love… Me x

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