SS17 NYFW // Yeezy 4 // dkny.

Its a real shame that Kanye’s Yeezy Season 4 didn’t pull through with the critics. He has had all sorts thrown out there – the show was an hour and a half late because of fainting models for a start. Personally, I’m a huge Kanye fan – I find his music enjoyable, and lyrically I think he’s great. I also have an appreciation for his previous collections and the collaboration with Adidas. I die for a pair of Yeezy boosts in Pirate Black! But I’m not spending that amount on a pair of sneakers and they’re impossible to get a hold of unless you know that someone that knows someone that knows someone. So, no. Not for now anyway.



I also LOVE how the Kardashian/Jenner squad all rock up in unseen Yeezy attire, all looking very much part of the show. They’re great entertainment. But I do think the collections are starting to look a little repetitive.



Franklin D.Roosevelt Gardens was filled with a controversial (its Kanye, need we say more) line-up of all black models, wearing a mostly nude palette with the collection going on to present some Olive Green, Tan and darker Charcoal tones. I love the juxtaposition of oversized hoodies in soft luxe fabrics against super sleek bodysuits and thigh-high glossed boots and I’m also a fan of the tonal palette. It looks so sleek when you mix different shades of one colour (if done in the right way which the Wests nail every-time).




I’ve shared a few of my favourites but couldn’t help point out that in the midst of Kanye’s collection being classed as an over dramatic event with fainting models, wobbly heels and a repetitive collection, has anyone else noticed that Kanye has other far more experienced designers following suit?? Take a look at the new DKNY collection just unveiled in NYC and you’ll see a fair few silhouettes first presented in Kanye’s collection…



So you have a creative/musical genius being criticised yet well known designers following suit… For me the main attraction in DKNY’s collection was Bella Hadid opening the show, and the lip colour that was used throughout the show which immediately grabs my attention. The designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne took the collection to ‘Neo-Soho’ heights – a futuristic vision with oversized slouch details and, take a wild guess…thigh-high footwear (okay so they’re more of a flat-form style sneaker).




I did like that we see some colour in DKNY’s collection – the cornflour blue shade is just stunning and its refreshing to see the longer sweeping arm length in this shade rather than the black and white that has been filling my IG feed (no complaints so don’t hold me to that as I’m looking for exactly that style and you’ll probably spot it at some point…On my IG feed…In black.



Which is your favourite between the two?

With Love… Me x

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