Rip(ped) // cc Asos.


I’m fussy when it comes to denim-my jeans need to either look well-worn in, or super slick with good stretch. I own several pairs of jeans, and have my favourites that I live in (exhibit A above) and if I’m buying a new pair it’s usually a big deal. I’m even more fussy with ripped jeans. They have to look worn, and effortless. I’m not a fan of jeans that are too perfectly frayed – and if I decide to invest in a pair that are already distressed, its guaranteed I’ll be adding more.


We all have our preferences when it comes to denim. Slashes through the knees or full on gaping holes? Tiny slashes down the thigh area or nicks and fraying at the ankles?

I see some people with boyfriend jeans on that hanging together by the seam with pretty much all of their legs exposed – it can look great on some, but I prefer my jeans as more of a skinny fit, and I have hips, so wearing jeans low on my hips with the skinny bambi ankles that I have just doesn’t look quite right.



Theres so many ways to distress denim and some techniques work better for others, such as sandpaper-not a technique that works for me personally but it can do good on a tougher denim. Many people also use traditional fabric scissors which I find a little large and create a cut that can look a little too precise.

For me it’s tiny super sharp fabric scissors that do the job. I create tiny nicks and either work on pulling the weave slightly or create a hole that I can tear from – making sure I’m confident in tearing in the right direction. Also it’s a good idea to to wash the jeans a few times first in hot water if you want them to look really worn!


The jeans I’m wearing above are a slight higher waisted pair from Ridley style that are actually really lightweight and have a cotton mix to them – to be fair this made this particular pair easier to fray but they’re SO comfortable! I also completely removed the cuff at the ankles and created a slit at the seam so that I can fold the tiniest bit up at the front of the jeans and keep the back slightly longer.


If you’re a little unsure and it’s your first time distressing your own pair, then it’s a good idea to put the jeans on and use chalk to mark where you want your tears and rips. You can also scrape with the scissors or a small knife to create just enough of a slit without tearing through – then pull and fray the threads to create the white threads horizontally that are just below the surface of the denim, but not all the way through.



It’s not just jeans you can play with either, I absolutely love Bella Hadid and the oversized denim jacket she is wearing above looks perfect as a cropped jacket with raw edging!  It’s a brand that will come and go and has been since the 1980s – just take a look at all of the new-gen models.



Ridley Mid-Waist Jeans //

Grey Bare-Shoulder Ribbed Blouse // New Look – Asos

Snakeskin Moth Flat Shoes // Asos

Pearl Ring //

Sunglasses // Quay AustraliaWest LA Boutique

With Love… Me x

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