London // After Hours // Navy x Black.

So it’s been around 6 months since I was last in London…and I’ve missed it like crazy. My first post when I started this blog was about how I had fallen out of love with the city. Living abroad and making Dubai my new home hasn’t been easy, but it’s been one hell of a year learning about myself and making new friends. It’s also made me realise how much I love London, and it will always be my home.


Most of my time here has been spent with family, and I realise the next time I come back will have to be for a little while longer as it has been impossible to fit seeing everyone in (I have one busy week ahead)!

I love the architecture in London (we Brits have a healthy obsession with architecture) and walking through the city gives you a real sense of appreciation for the history and art behind a lot of the buildings. Whether it is a banking vault that has been commercialised into an underground member’s club, slick restaurants and bars that have been redesigned from empty offices, or an old mill outside of London that has been restored. There is ample inspiration around London and the UK and I absolutely adore London for these reasons.


I’ve gotten to know a lot of hidden treasures in London not just from working there everyday, but more so my Dad, who knows the city like the back of his hand and shared all of his favourite places as we were growing up – I’ve got a fair few of my own which I will share with you too!

By night, the city is an absolute gem, and the hustle and bustle gets even more enticing than during the day. Okay so there are places to avoid (Oxford St being one of them) – I do have places that I never visit in the city and the closest I ever get to Oxford St is the tube station otherwise I would rather walk through Regent St. But aside from one or two places, it’s one hell of a stunning city – day and night.


I also have a kind of ‘uniform’ that I fall into when in London, Navy and Black take over my entire wardrobe – especially if the weather becomes a little dull and rainy. It’s something I really can’t run away from, and actually don’t want to run away from – I adore  these two colours together and find them so chic and understated. As much as I enjoy the heat and sunshine in Dubai, I’ve had a hard time adjusting my wardrobe to a constant state of summer which requires a whole new palette of colours and styles. If there is one thing I have far too much of (even more so than shoes and handbags), its outerwear – Jackets and Coats.


The one time I’ve come back here and I can’t even utilise my entire wardrobe as for once London seems to be having a rather warm summer thats decided to stay through to September! I’m not complaining – but the two days of rain that we had is when the Navy and Black came out to full affect for me…


The navy relaxed blazer I’m wearing is actually a blazer dress that I picked up in Dubai – I hadn’t walked into Topshop for a long time and picked this piece up in Mall of the Emirates. It makes for a great lightweight relaxed jacket as well as a slick dress after hours and is perfect for transitional weather with a well put together look.

It’s also now available in two or three stunning pastel shades and I’ve since seen it in the London stores so I have shared the link below…






Navy Soft Tailored Silk Blazer Dress // Topshop ME // Topshop UK

Sacha Jumper // Sandro Paris purchased in Dubai but available globally

Photo Ready Maria High Rise Super Skinny Jeans // J Brand Jeans

Jensen Leather Chelsea Boots // Acne Studios

Bound Ring – First Base Collection //

Choker with Pendant // H&M

White Matter Nail Colour // Formula X available at Sephora

With Love… Me x

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