Now Boarding // Haute x Mont Blanc.

Now Boarding! I’m finally travelling back to London and in my prep and packing I’ve picked a few essentials (not all as that would be a mighty long list) to share with you…

I can’t go anywhere without my leather jacket. It’s my one staple piece and it’s been everywhere with me for the last 4 years. I even brought it over to Dubai as I just wasn’t ready to part with it. I’m yet to wear it out here but the good news is that it actually gets pretty chilly out here in December (tip: chilly to the Dubai crowd is what a reasonable 14 degrees is to us British)!




I can’t travel without something to scribble notes in so I always carry my Mont Blanc pen everywhere (this is super close to my heart, so wherever I go…so does the Mont Blanc) and I have recently mentioned several times on my IG my love for – hence the new Haute notebook which I adore!

I have a love for anything that is marbled and THP has a range of stationary that looks chic and contemporary. Everything from The Haute Pursuit’s jewellery, to stationary and minimalist clothing is on my wish list!




Last but not least – skin care and fragrance. My all time favourite scent is to spritz a little Tom Ford Sahara Noir and then layer with White Patchouli. You only need to do this once and it lasts all night…trust me! I was SO SAD when I heard that Tom Ford discontinued Sahara Noir but luckily managed to find some of the last few bottles in Harvey Nichols London to last me a while. For a day scent that lingers and is lighter, I wear White Patchouli-I’ve been wearing this to work for the last two years and had so many complements so it’s become one of my staple fragrances and is another essential that’s always in my handbag.

Skin care has been a problem for me since I moved to Dubai. I used to think the water out here wasn’t a problem when I was on vacation and I wouldn’t have any problem with my skin, or hair…or diet. I’ve had issues with all THREE. The struggle is real.

So far the only thing that’s starting to point my skin in the right direction is Chanel’s range of Day, Night, and Weekend fixers. I’m usually an Estée Lauder girl when it comes to skin care (always have been) but it just wasn’t cutting it out here in this heat. I don’t know if it was more the adjustment in general and the stress didn’t help but I know I’ll go back to Estée Lauder at some point.

For now though, Chanel’s Le Jour de Chanel is the only serum/light moisturizer that isn’t clogging my pores and absorbs without leaving any shiny residue (bonus for any one with an oily complexion) and La Nuit de Chanel gives an immediate dose of hydration working through the night to leave you with healthy recharged skin the next morning.


Le lift is possibly one of the best eye cream’s I have ever used. So I have never had a problem with dark circles – ever. Until I came to Dubai and everything changed. I spent hours walking around the mall looking at every eye cream on every counter and it wasn’t until I got to the Chanel counter in Harvey Nichols, MOE that I was not only introduced to this epic eye-cream, but also the most helpful specialist in Chanel who was so so patient with me and listened to every concern I had before talking me through the skin care and what I should be avoiding out here.

I saw a positive difference within two weeks and this is definitely coming with me to London!

Biker Leather Jacket // Burberry

Shattered Black & White Marble Note Book //

Blanc Ballpoint Pen // Mont Blanc

White Patchouli Eau de Parfum // Tom Ford

Skin care // Chanel at Harvey Nichols MOE, Dubai

With Love… Me x

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