M I A // The Mother of all Rain Boots.

burberry runway

So yeahhhhh I know…I’ve been MIA. Like, properly off the scene for about a month. No excuses here (I’m about to break it down with a long list of em’) but you know this blogging thing is harder than it looks! I have a full-time job and finding the time to work, blog, gym, sunbathe, party & all the rest of it is hard. I have a new-found respect to those who can work and blog…and even more to those who can blog and have turned it into their form of making a living. I’ve been busy settling into a new apartment, work has been crazy and I’ve had my younger siblings out to visit me in Dubai (happy days!) so all in all I’m feeling like I need another vacay. Even though I just took a stay-cay like two weeks back. It’s a hard-knock life.

So I booked another vacation. And I’m SO EXCITED! I’m going back to London and I cannot explain how excited I am to be visiting home! I’m missing the craziest things (aside from my London wardrobe and wearing my leather jacket) the smell of the rain, the grass and trees, even clouds. If you’ve read my blog from the get-go you’ll notice I’ve come some way considering I felt like I had fallen out of love with the city 6 months back.

I was styling a client at work yesterday and she wanted a look that was going to work for her whilst travelling through London to Paris. Obviously that right there puts me in my element as styling is what I do and this client is traveling for Fashion week starting in London, so I got to work to put the perfect pieces together that were going to take her through rain, sunshine, plenty of fashion week outfits and comfort.

That’s where we get to these boots. We went through every pair of boots for comfort and style – Chloé, Balenciaga, Senso…You can’t really compare. But there was a winner for the perfect boot that works in rain, whilst travelling, is runway cool and is by far the most comfortable boot in the history of all boots that I have ever presented to clients and tried myself. The Burberry Buckle Boot.

buckle boot burberry

This is the MOTHER of all boots. I kid you not…I’ve seen these over and over and they look great on the runway, in campaign images, in the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, on clients. Then I hear my client raving about how comfortable they are so I give them a go. I wish I hadn’t because they have now moved to the top of my ‘want-but don’t really need-because I now live in the desert-where it rains once a year’ list.


burberry pb boots

Here’s the thing, I’m a sucker for that whole laid-back biker vibe and these just tick all the boxes. They have this english Wellington style about them (trust me Wellingtons are not my thing nor will they ever really be) whilst feeling weirdly biker and rock’n’roll. Burberry have basically created a boot that can withstand British weather, will take you through Glastonbury, work when travelling for a laid-back luxe look and look bloody amazing with a dress! On point Burberry.

burberry 1


When I saw the boots in the showroom for the very first time I was thinking that they were way too big and clumpy – honestly that’s me thinking it because I am a shoe size 41 with tiny bambi ankles so I’m always super careful of the type of boot I pick. But these have just knocked every other style for six and are the top of my wish-list. I’m thinking the black with snake-skin buckle (I didn’t want to take them off after this appointment which you can see on my instagram & snapchat : anitaubhi).


burberry runway 1

What do you think? The Burberry Buckle Boot ranges from £795.00 to £1,650.00 // 5,195.00 to 10,495.00 AED for those in the Middle East.

Follow Burberry on Instagram here…and if you get a chance on snapchat which is always fun to watch!

With Love… Me x

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