Art Of The Handbag.


Before my move to the Middle East I was lucky to be asked to feature in Art of the Handbag. This is a unique ‘movement’ if you like, celebrating not only the beauty of what has become an everyday essential accessory, but also the life, people and moments entwined in something that many of us carry almost every single day, squeezed into a book that will be published later this year.



Each of us have our very own story so it was a pleasure to share mine and the reasons behind my the purchase of my Céline mini luggage back in 2012. This bag means a lot to me as there are a fair few stories in the last 4 years and it was also my very first handbag that I had saved for and bought myself – that may seem irrelevant to some but it meant a lot to me that I didn’t have someone buying it for me. Anyone that knows me well enough will know that I don’t like to depend on anyone else!

I was quite flattered when Zinah Nur Sharif asked me to be part of this-this girl is a unique representation of the modern muslim woman with influences of worldly subcultures!

The idea behind the book is to distill the complexities behind the once celebrated ‘IT’ bag, and focus in on the story between the individual and the handbag itself. Everyone consumes with such excess when it comes to fashion, yet there is much more of a personal connection to our handbags. It was really this that made Zinah come together with a small group of creatives and it was really a whole lot of fun getting involved!



I got to share my story alongside my younger sister Raveena, who brought along her Louis Vuitton handbag and shared her story with the team…We got lost several times and I’ve never complained about comfort in my So Kates but I felt the burn after several flights of stairs.

We’re extremely lucky to be featured in the upcoming book and I’ve shared some pics with you – I’ll keep you posted on the final date but in please keep in the loop with @ArtofHandbag on IG and let me know what you think of the images!



Photo Credit // Zinah Nur Sharif

Visit // Art of the Handbag

With love… Me x

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