The World Is Yours.

It really is. So go out and live. I don’t want to be lying awake at 4am when I’m 80, thinking about all the things I should of done. Do you? If you want to do something… do it. Providing of course you don’t hurt anyone along the way.


When you are in the very midst of enjoying life-that very moment, whether it be standing on a mountain and soaking in an incredible view, sky-diving, or telling someone you really love them without knowing whether they love you back, that moment, soak that in. Embrace it whole-heartedly, because that, is what the entire world is after, every living person is after that feeling. So whether you stumble across it, or push yourself in that moment, take a deep breath, and let all the rules and all the opinions crash down around you.

One thing I have learn’t is that feelings are rarely mutual, so when they are, you should drop everything, and forget belongings and expectations. Forget games…the two days between texts, and the ‘hard to get’ BS, and just go with it. It’s one hell of a ride but it’s worth it I promise. It helps you to grow, to fall and pick yourself up, to learn about life, and most importantly it helps you to learn about yourself.

I say ‘fall and pick yourself up’ …please note I don’t mean literally fall…as I did yesterday. I’m sat here with two busted knees and a fair few bruises, along with a smashed phone and my left hand KILLS. This was a full on face-plant on concrete in the Dubai sun…before joining a friend for iftar…and then heading off to Zuma where I managed to forget about the pain rather quickly after a strong G&T and a considerable amount of laughs.

Anyway the point was I wanted to share the above thoughts with you. I believe you can attract what you want if you train your mind to it, and from the last few days I’ve realised that when you want to do something, just do it.



With love… Me x

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