London. In Dubai.


I ventured in to City Walk the the other day and to my surprise I found a little bit of London…right there in Dubai. It was a welcome surprise as I’ve now had an odd day or two where I’m starting to miss the gritty London streets ever so slightly. This one single Red telephone box oddly made me feel a sense of home, to which I then probably looked like a tourist that had never come across a telephone box… or a post box for that matter.

I have to admit I’m feeling odd in that I’m wearing much less black out here…and I’m missing my London wardrobe like crazy. It’s hard to wear my trademark leather skinnies unless I’m pairing them with a skinny heel which I did so in my recent trip to Kuwait. I’m missing wearing my chelsea boots and abundantly layering leather with deceptively tough silk pullovers!

I’m not missing the weather though…so it’s catch 22 and I need to zip the complaining and slowly work navy into my summer wardrobe…









It wasn’t long on my walk before I spotted a Galvin! I actually can’t wait to eat here as I love Galvin in London so I’ll definitely be heading back to City Walk when the restaurant opens it’s doors. What really surprised me is how quiet City Walk is considering the beauty of the place – I’m still learning so it could of well been in the run up to Ramadan, or it’s just too hot out!


White Lace Mini Dress // Mango UAE

Denim Lightweight Boyfriend Shirt // Noisy May – Asos

With love… Me x

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