Dubai. Kuwait. Dubai. MSGM.


It’s been a somewhat hectic week. Actually more of a hectic 48 hours…within this small bracket I  managed to be lounging late night on the beach with friends, have dinner with my parents, go to work as usual in Dubai, take a flight to Kuwait, get stuck in immigrations (long-arsed story for another time), host an event and appointments at 360 Mall, take a flight back to Dubai (another 3 hour delay), get home, shower and sleep…wake up…and back to work. I swear it felt like one second I was chilling on Smoky Beach with some good shisha, the next I was fighting for a taxi at KI airport. I loved every second…but it was exhausting, and I don’t know how my manager does it because that’s pretty much her life 24/7.

So when I got to relax for a second and visit the MSGM store in City Walk, I felt like I was in a fashion utopia  – I am a little biased as I LOVE this brand but it was soooooo diverting from the week I was just getting through.

I was lucky to try some SS16 and when looking through the collections I found myself picking almost everything that fell into my usual palette of black, navy and white. So I stepped back and then went in for the brightest piece on the rack. Errr…actually like 7 of the brightest ensembles, which brings me to a slight dilemma.



I now find myself with a list of items that I’m choosing between and I’m stuck! What to choose??? Do I opt for a one piece or two-piece?? Walking into MSGM for me is like a kid walking into a candy shop. I have a love for Art and the designers manage to blend this seamlessly with cut, colour and shape, whilst creating contemporary styles for the modern working woman. What is even more great is how this Italian brand must be doing in the Middle East – you have Milano design right in the heart of Middle Eastern paradise. The colours, the design aesthetic, the cut…it all works a treat out here in Dubai.



So here is what I have narrowed it down to…I’m going to update you with an #ootd when I have chosen so keep an eye out on IG and my Snapchat!





Both looks available in-store and online // MSGM

With love… Me x

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