Casual // Ink

After having been in stealth mode for some time, and a week of beauty treatments that have taken me from feeling like an urban warrior, to a somewhat more polished feline, I’m now carrying a spirited disposition about me, with an excitement for what lies ahead. I already feel that within a month I have grown so much and I no longer have time for things that have no soul!

I’ve also come to the realisation that I want to get inked. Not sure what just yet…although I’m leaning towards date // script …but it’s definitely happening – I’m getting a tattoo. I have a certain weak spot for a man with a tattoo *note the link on ‘MAN‘ and you’ll know what I mean by weak spot // hotness // ink* I find it incredibly sexy and raw. For those that know me, you’ll know that I used to say I would never get a tattoo, but you’ll also know that I’ve done many things I have said I wouldn’t do. So as a good friend often reminds me on her spontaneous whatsapp messages that she shoots my way – YOLO! Right?

On that note, I’m finishing my week writing, editing and planning…and starting my weekend with good food, my love, and a caipirinha at the sleekest hideaway where I can slip out of stealth mode and dinner is theatre *note to self: slip out of casual and into something pro-sexy.*

Enjoy the weekend!

With love… Me x



Ombre High-Waist Jeans // Mih Jeans

Rings // Maria Francesca Pepe

T-shirt // Zara

With love… Me x

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